Machinery and Energy ABC (M&E ABC) was founded in 2020 by GECOLSA, a well-known CATERPILLAR dealer in South America with operations in Colombia, Guyana, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, and Cayman Islands and some other countries with related businesses.

M&E ABC was awarded by CATERPILLAR as the only Authorized Caterpillar Dealer in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao in August 2019. The bid of M&E ABC was selected from several other companies with long and proven experience as dealers of CATERPILLAR and other brands of heavy equipment.


Become the leader in supplying sustainable integrated solutions by adding value and guaranteeing customers loyalty.

  • Customer Care
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Commitment

M&E ABC is a company founded on the basis of exerting leadership in its activities, with a clear sense or permanence in time.

M&E ABC will develop its activities in the interest of the community, the employee’s welfare, our partners growth and the complete satisfaction of its costumers, providing optimal results for its shareholders and keeping a solid financial standing.

Its main activity is directed at the Construction, Energy, Marine, and industrial sectors, by supplying the products and the technical support necessary, with the best technology and professionalism. It shall also explore those activities which represent benefits to the economic sectors served, and that are related to the aforementioned statements.



Introducing M&E complementary portfolio of services. A unique offer for learning and site support for your operators, technicians, Maintenance and Operations Departments.

Explore the different ways to train your staff, with all the support and benefits that only M&E can provide.

1. Equipment Operation Audit.

2. Operators Training.

3. Technical Training.

4. Site Assessment.

5. Fleet Management.


Would you like to bring the productive habits of your operators to the next level? Would you like your maintenance operation to be more than good? Then, our services were designed precisely to answer these questions.

Is the machine being used the correct match for the application? An equipment operation Audit will tell you. The objective is to obtain the maximum benefits out of the machine and operators


1. You will identify great opportunities for improvement that an operator could have. Audit results will help to create a training plan making sure your operators will take proper care of your equipment while getting the maximun

2. You will avoid premature and expensive failures in your equipment, caused by improper applications or due to lack of knowledge from your operator.

We provide on-site training for you and your operators. A wide offer of topics will ensure a significant improvement in critical processes of your project. These are some of the topics that we will share during the trainings:


Pre-operational inspection and correct application techniques recommended by the manufacturer will enhance safety on your projects (the methodology is theoretical-practical, in the workspace).


1. A trained operator in a specific machine and application, gives you the opportunity to improve daily production while keeps your operation costs under control.

2. You will extend the life of your equipment, turning them into efficient work tools, with less repairs caused by improper applications.

We can train your technicians to perform predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance, following the manufacturer’s standars and parameters aiming to reduce downtime.


1. When your team is trained to perform preventive maintenance on your equipments, it shows it. This is translated into low operational costs and less damage caused by poor maintenance.

A Site Assestment will evaluate the applications, distances, slopes and  recommended capacities in each machine according to their application.


1. Ensure the production cost at the lowest possible level.

This type of service allow us to offer recommendations not only for Equipment but also for customer´s applications and operations and applications. We deploy manufacturer’s technological tools such as VisionLink, Fleet Production Cost (FPT), Red Bird, among others.


1. As customer you will get a monthly personalized reports including recommendations, fleet utilization, fleet fuel consumption, fleet alerts and other operational information in order to improve your productivity and safety.



M&E ABC brings the latest CATERPILLAR machines and engines to the market. We want you to feel the superior technology and productivity we have available for you. Using virtual reality (VR), we can let you know the new enhancements of our products, so you understand the benefits before acquiring them.

We want to turn your used gear into new equipment. As M&E ABC customer you could enjoy the new machine´s models we are bringing to the market while renovating your existing fleet. Let´s take your operation to a next level.

Rental with Purchase Option (RPO) is an excellent solution that combines the flexibility and convenience of a rental transaction with the ability to acquire the equipment at any time. Therefore, you can try it before you buy it with no obligation!

Our customers can obtain rental solutions for different industries: construction, mining, power generation, among others. Once we receive your request, we start working on an option that better meets your expectations.

Rental equipment has technical support infrastructure, which will guarantee our customers optimal equipment performance, so you can focus on your core business.