Since each workplace has its own unique challenges, it needs technologies and services that can be combined and customized in the most convenient way for you and your business. M&E allows you to monitor, manage and improve the operation, which gives you more control of the workplace.


M&E Customer Value Agreements | CAT

M&E Customer Value Agreements | CAT® (or CVA) are agreements for the administration and execution of repairs that are made between M&E and its customers.

CVA is a product that can be tailored to fit your unique needs. M&E can supply spare parts for you maintenance at the right time all the way to execute all the preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of your fleet ensuring the maximum availability.


M&E’s EMSolutions, take your project to another level.

EMSolutions (Equipment Management Solutions) is designed to help you to better manage your assets and reduce operating costs. M&E, can monitor the location, use and fuel consumption of your equipment; It can also determine equipment status and maintenance problems, as well as the number of hours, fluid contamination and much more.

With the machine information obtained throught connectivity technology, M&E helps you find new ways to improve production, reduce costs, control safety and develop a more sustainable and successful business, just as you wish.

EMSolutions has five progressive levels ranging from basic connection to your fleet’s electronic data, to complete, proactive management of your fleet. Helping you grow a stronger business. That’s what we’re built to deliver.


We offer differentiated solutions such as certified repairs that apply all manufacturer specifications and upgrades, real-time information on the health and fuel consumption of your equipment through monitoring, assistance and field troubleshooting for you to obtain maximum productivity and to reduce downtime.


CAT® Certified Repair program offers the restoration of parts, components and/or the entire machine. The certified repair program uses all the manufacturer specifications, tests and upgrades to give a second life to your machines at a fraction of the cost of a new one. The warranty is the same as the one offered with new machines.


Through the new condition monitoring program, M&E offers its customers the possibility of making informed decisions which reduce their operational and maintenance costs, maximize machine availability, optimizing fleet utilization an resale value.


When you repair before a failure, you are making a great economic decision for your operation. CAT machines and components are designed to last several lives, with only replacing the internal parts which have had normal wear caused by the equipment utilization. On the other hand, if a part, component and / or equipment fails, the cost to recovery it could be up to 2.5 times the value of the repair before failure. Studies agree that 90% of catastrophic failures could have been avoided if the affected parts would had been intervened, with due anticipation.


S•O•SSM Fluid Analysis is one of the fastest, most accurate, most reliable ways to see what’s going on inside your Caterpillar engines and machines. It consists of a battery of sophisticated tests that can pinpoint trouble early, so you can avoid unplanned repairs and catastrophic failures. For maximum protection you need scheduled oil sampling for all major oil-lubricated systems (engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems and final drives), and scheduled coolant sampling for your cooling systems.


When other brand models require replacement, CAT® equipment can be rebuilt.

We offer services for maintain, repair and rebuilt equipment and components in our specialized workshops that offer processes and technologies that meet Caterpillar global standards.


M&E allows you to restore the operation of your CAT® equipment, through technical service in the field when an unexpected failure occurs. You can also leave in our hands the maintenance of your equipment through service agreements.

We are connected to CAT 24X7. This along with trained engineers and technicians allow us to solve unexpected failures in the shortest possible time. We constantly invest in technology and tools to meet the requirements of your machines and engines wherever they are.