The equipment value is measured by the profit obtained at the end of a work day. Keep productive machines for more hours is the key. In M&E we dedicate all our resources to meet your needs, including availability and supply of spare parts in the precise time so your machines could be up and running.


CAT® Undercarriage is designed to work and wear out as a system, in order to reduce operating costs, which can represent up to 50% of maintenance costs.

Caterpillar designs and manufactures drive train systems with the highest quality in the industry.

The cutting tools are designed to protect and prolong the life of the most valuable elements in a machine.

We supply couplings, cylinders, pumps and hoses.

Ensure the movement of your products with the best quality and durability parts.

CAT® engines and their components are designed and manufactured to offer customers the best option in quality, reliability and durability.

The OLYMPIAN product line provides support for original spare parts and filtration elements.

The maintenance of current cooling systems requires specific knowledge in chemistry.

Original premium lubricants are used in the factory filling of CAT® equipment.

Filters total less than 1% of the total operating and possession costs of the equipment.



Revolution of on-line purchases is a reality in M&E. We have more than 1,4 million parts waiting for our customers with the best CAT support.



When you repair before a failure, you are making a great economic decision for your operation. CAT machines and components are designed to last several lives, with only replacing the internal parts which have had normal wear caused by the equipment utilization. On the other hand, if a part, component and / or equipment fails, the cost to recover it could be up to 2.5 times the value of the repair before failure. Studies agree that 90% of catastrophic failures could have been avoided if the affected parts would had been intervened, with due anticipation.


  • Wide range of offers
  • Fixed prices
  • Fixed repair times
  • Clarity in quotes
  • Extended warranty


CAT® REMAN parts (remanufactured) are designed and intervened at the factory to offer the best quality, price and durability option in the market while they have the same warranty of a Premium (new) part. With CAT® REMAN parts you can save up to 60% compared to a Premium part price, delivering your used CAT® part as partially payment, which according to its conditions can represent between 20% and 60% of the total value of the Reman part.



Get the right fit for your machine and budget with Yellowmark™, A Caterpillar Brand. See how this line of construction equipment parts for your Cat machines strikes the right balance between convenience and reliability at more affordable price.